International Market World began in 1981 by Vince To with his father and brother. It was originally just seven aisles. Over the years it has grown, building by building, to the 30-acre operation it is now— nearly three times its initial size. It is situated next to a farm where Vince raises buffalo, alligators, hogs, and cows. Some of these animals are then exhibited at the flea market. The live gator exhibit gives people the chance to view one of these fearsome beasts in a safe setting, and to learn how to respect them in the wild. A specialist with over 30 years of experience makes sure the gators are properly cared for while educating the public for free on the lifestyle and habitat of these native predators. The gator show was established over 20 years ago and has been a perennial favorite.

International Market World has been a family-run business since it opened. Vendors have grown up selling at the market, passing their trade down through the generations. There are folks at the market who used to come with their parents or grandparents every weekend to sell, and now they are grown and selling on their own. It is wonderful to see these family traditions and skills being passed down through generations. We are honored to be a part of so many people’s lives and family histories. We look forward to many more years of community traditions.