Due to high seasonal demand we are sold out of booth spaces through April 2022.  However, you can stop by the Market World office Wednesday or Thursday between 9 am and 4 pm to find out if booth space openings for the upcoming weekend due to last minute vendor cancelations.  The Market World Office is located in the Big Yellow Building (Building K).

At this time we have the following special opportunities for vendors:

Food Truck Concession Vendor
We have an outstanding opportunity for one food concession vendor at the Market World in our food court area. This high traffic location includes a 20ft x 10ft space and comes complete with water, electric or natural gas hookup. The space can accommodate a small food concession truck or fixed kitchen.  Each weekend several thousand customers visit the Market World to eat, shop and enjoy our shows, concerts, and events. A vast majority of the current concession vendors have served Market World customers for more than a decade. Call 863-662-0062 for details.

Cottage Food Vendors
We have an outstanding opportunity to make money selling cakes, jams sweets and other packaged food items at one of the top farmers markets in the state.  Each weekend several thousand customers stroll through the Market World aisles shopping for farm fresh produce and other food items.  To learn more about vendor opportunities contact the Market World office Tuesday through Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm at 863-665-0062

The Wonderland of Lights and Santa’s Village
Last year, The Wonderland of Lights served more than 15,000 cars equating to 70,000 visitors.
Thur Nov 25th through Mon Jan 1st
Email for vendor details

The 26th Annual Pow Wow and Native American Festival
Two Big Weekends:  Jan 28 – 30th and Feb 4-6
Visit for vendor details

All dealers are responsible for following all Market World rules. Dealers are responsible for any and all costs and/or attorney fees resulting from any grievance or legal liability. Market World complies with all County, State, and Federal regulations and will cooperate in the enforcement of them.

  • Drivers License/Picture ID

  • Florida Sales Tax number

  • Food Permit if applicable

  • Download the Vendor’s Form

Some items are not accepted, please call to make sure your merchandise will be accepted.

Rule Sheet

All dealers are responsible for following all Market World rules. Dealers are responsible for any and all costs and/or attorney fees resulting from any grievance or legal liability. Market World complies with all County, State, and Federal regulations and will cooperate in the enforcement of them.

  2. ALL RENT IS DUE IN ADVANCE. An early payment discount is available for those paying their monthly rent early for the upcoming month. Payments received between the 1st and the 15th are given a 10% discount. Payments between the 16th and the 25th are given a 4% discount. As of the 26th of the month, no discount will be given. Dealers having an outstanding balance are not entitled to discounts. All unpaid balances will be subject to a 1.5% monthly finance charge.
  3. Mondays and Tuesdays, the Market and the office are closed. Drop payments may be made, but only handwritten receipts will be given. No one is allowed into the Market for security reasons. Please abide by this rule.
  4. Please have your booth receipt available whenever you are at your booth. Unauthorized use of a booth is subject to a $20.00 fee in addition to the normal cost of the booth.
  5. Dealers interested in exchanging or transferring booths must submit a request in writing. The forms are available in the rental office. MANAGEMENT MUST APPROVE ALL TRANSFERS. There will be a $20.00 minimum service charge per booth before you will be allowed to transfer. No transfers are done during the weekend. Any vendor wishing to relocate in the middle of the month will be charged a minimum of $10.00 per space.
  6. Dealers must be in their booths, set up and ready for business by 8:00 am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, our posted and advertised hours, or they must notify the rental office that they will be late. After 9:00 am booths can be re-rented. SORRY, NO REFUNDS!
  7. Dealers may not sublet, loan or sell their booth. Violators will lose their spaces and forfeit any rent paid.
  8. Weekly booths that are not paid for by 5:00 pm on Sunday are subject to re-rental on the following Wednesday.
  9. Checks are accepted for monthly rentals, and only with proper identification. There is a service charge on all returned checks:
    • $25.00 for checks up to $50.00
    • $30.00 charge for checks between $51.00 and $300.00
    • $40.00 for checks $301.00 and up

    The first time a check is returned, the dealer will be charged accordingly and checks will no longer be accepted.

  10. Dealers are responsible for their property and merchandise. Market World will not be liable for theft, damages, fire, or personal injury. Market World is not responsible for any damages caused by the weather (rain, wind, etc.). Vendors merchandise must be displayed in a safe manner. Dealers are responsible for all liability resulting from their sales and displays of merchandise.
  11. All merchandise and signs must be kept behind the yellow lines. Signs require permission from management. They can be no lower than 7 feet off the floor. Maximum display height is 5’ from the floor. Unauthorized or unsafe signs will be removed without warning.
  12. Sale of food, drinks, and/or samples are prohibited without written permission from management. See management for further details.
  13. SAFETY FIRST!! Anything found to be safety or fire hazard may be removed without notice and at the vendor’s expense.
  14. Nothing is to be attached to the tables, posts, or buildings without permission from management. All tarps attached to the buildings or structures must be white and fire retardant. Unauthorized objects or structures will be removed without warning. No extension cords are allowed. Any extension cords found in booths will be taken without warning. You may use surge protectors that are no longer than six (6) feet.
  15. No amplifiers, bullhorns, loudspeakers, etc., are allowed. Radios, TVs and stereos must be kept on low volume.
  16. Pets are prohibited in the market for health and safety reasons. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PETS AT HOME.
  17. Light electric use is provided to dealers in buildings. This electricity is primarily used for the testing of merchandise sold. Continuous use of electricity greater than 2 amps (200 watts) must be approved prior to use. There is an additional charge. No lights over 100 watts may be used. Coffee pots, fry pans, hot plates, electric heaters, refrigerators, etc., are prohibited.
  18. It is the responsibility of each dealer to keep their booths clean. Failure to do so will result in a cleanup charge. Trash containers are for customer use only. Dealers need to break down their boxes and put them in the dumpster, not in, or beside, the trashcans.
  19. Dealer’s children must remain with the dealer at all times. Misbehaving children will not be tolerated; repeated problems will be grounds for dismissal from the Market. Dealers are responsible for any damages caused by their children.
  20. Counterfeit and look-alike products are prohibited. Each dealer assumes full legal liability for any legal action that may result by carrying such items.
  21. Dealers are expected to act in a professional manner. Misrepresentation or fraud will not be tolerated. Repeat customer complaints of improper business conduct will be grounds for being expelled from the Market. Profanity and/or rudeness to customers, other dealers or Market World employees will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave.
  22. To prevent price wars and Market World personnel becoming involved in dealer disagreements, we place dealers whose majority of merchandise is similar to another dealer’s at least five (5) spaces from one another. Market World reserves the fight to expel, relocate, or refuse rental to any dealer when it is deemed in the best interest of the Market. Decisions made by Market World management are final, including the choice of providing refunds.
  23. Before changing your primary merchandise, or adding new items to your inventory you must receive permission from the rental office.
  24. If you would like to leave a trailer or shed on the property, see management for further details. Any items left behind without permission will be disposed of after thirty (30) days. Storage and clean up fees will be assessed.